Winyx v0.3

College Project by RailKill | Release: 10th November 2014

A free window management tool for Windows 7 and above, designed for large screens to group and arrange windows on your screen for efficient multi-tasking.

Winyx is similar to WindowSpace and Actual Window Manager, but more focused on automated arranging and space management.

This application was created for a college project to investigate human-computer interaction in window management. Some people might find this useful, so I am putting this up for public download. It is not entirely complete, but it works. Unless it receives a decent amount of support, I will not continue its development.

System Requirements

Operating System must be Windows 7 or higher, and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.


  • Rearrange and group all windows automatically into a specific layout.
  • Dock windows into 3 columns with automatic switching and resizing existing windows to fit all to screen.
  • Move, resize, show, hide, close, kill and swap a single or group of windows with ease.
  • Assign or remove windows to and from a group which can be organized and even renamed.
  • Rebindable hotkeys for each and every function.
  • An overlay control panel to keep track of windows and allow users who are unfamiliar with hotkeys or simply do not want to use them to perform functions manually with buttons.
  • Can be set to run on startup.
  • Extremely lightweight with no installation, just extract and run.

Known Bugs

  • Does not account for the space when docking or rearranging windows if the taskbar is on the left.
  • XML structure is incorrect, but it still works.

Future Stuff

  • User Interface: More aesthetically pleasing.
  • Animation: Animated window movements.
  • Customization: Select a custom layout for auto-arrange.
  • Functionality: Always On Top
  • Functionality: Set Window Transparency
  • Compatibility: Older Windows Versions
  • Compatibility: Other Operating Systems

How to Use

Please read the README.txt file which comes with the download, it contains everything you need to know. You may also watch the video to get a rough idea.


Make sure no hotkeys are in conflict with each other.