A round avatar image showing Honey and Lemon cheering.
Honey Lemon Day
Since September 16, 2011
Cute and goofy little comics telling mostly true stories about the love life of a couple.
A round image of Nicholas doing his stupid pose.
Life of Nicholas: First Crush
August 27, 2014
A little story of how young Nicholas dealt with his first crush, 6 pages.
A round image of Jimms Burnt the abomination!
Schoolboys and Tragic Comedy
February 2, 2013
Find out the true story of how childish schoolboys make a parody and distasteful joke out of a poor boy named Jimmy and his tragic past in 3 pages.
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WNx Homestay
Since November 15, 2009
Comic strips about Mashi, a 12-year-old adopted girl in a homestay for various objects and animals which she can communicate with. Characters are based on members of the WarriorNation guild in Cabal SEA. I did this while I was still in school, so the earlier strips are in pen and paper.
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Secondary School Scans
PDF scans of the silly comics and bad drawings done during my secondary school period on school notebooks. Lots of parodies and references, with important childhood memories.